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Salsa with J-Ro Ballroom Dance Lessons and Group Dance Classes in Door County Wisconsin

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  • Whether you are looking to dance well socially navigating the floor with confidence and ease, or desire to become a skilled performer dancing with excellence in pairs or teams, we've got you covered. It all begins with the decision to take that first, and most difficult, step through the door. Take that step today.
  • We were all beginners at one time. The longer you wait, the further you are from achieving your dance goals and dreams. Don't just watch it on TV. Enjoy dance for yourself and all its benefits; Better Health, Social Fun, Improved Balance and Coordination, Memory and Mental Exercise, Burned Calories, Increased Circulation,  Make New Friends, Joy. The list goes on.
  • Take that first step, and embark on one of the greatest journeys you will have in your lifetime. Contact us today!

Jeffrey Robison J-Ro Dance Instructor Choreographer

Our Founder

  • Jeffrey Robison (J-Ro), Dance Instructor and Choreographer, has been involved in music and dance since he was a child. His passion for Salsa and Latin Dance was ignited while living in California, where he was highly influenced by the West Coast / LA nightclub Salsa style. J-Ro has taught workshops, group lessons, private lessons and danced throughout many regions. Specializing in various styles of Ballroom, Salsa, Swing and Social dance, J-Ro’s enthusiasm and passion for these dances are contagious. These qualities coupled with his style of teaching are a perfect blend for dancing well, looking smooth and having a great time on the dance floor. His lessons focus not only on the technical aspects of the dance, but also on feeling comfortable on the dance floor and having fun! 

Jeffrey Robison J-Ro Dance Instructor Choreographer

You've Got This!

  • If you are looking for dance classes in the Door County, Wisconsin area with an experienced, friendly and helpful dance instructor or coach, look no further! Our training and experience is just the beginning. Our compassionate, encouraging and inspiring staff can have you taking your first dance steps, feeling comfortable on the dance floor and having fun in no time. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your dance related goals, dreams and personal development objectives.